I was born in 1974 in South West Poland.
I first started taking photos in the early 90`s while I explored and guided walkers
in the Mountain Ranges of Poland and across the Alps and the Glaciers
of Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany and France until 2004.

In 2005 I settled in the West of Ireland on Bere Island.
Here , I found new inspiration the nature ,stunning waterscape and landscape.
In 2009 i designed my first website BEARA PHOTO DESIGN with various pictures
and 360 Virtual Panoramas.
Between 2009 and 2013 I made an exotic journeys into the Himalayan Range and Jungle of Nepal.
I found the People of Nepal to be so friendly, kind and open which with the beautiful landscapes
made the experience even more amazing.

The beginning of 2012 was busy with new project of documentary movie and its post production.
Recently i finished massive project for Heritage Centre on Bere Island .
I decided to keep my eyes wide open at astro and time-lapse photography.


Please note that I retain copyright for all of my photographs , and all right are reserved .
They must not be used for any purpose without my written permission .